Vitiligo a skin disorder with white patches on the skin

Published: 18th February 2011
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Although it is commonly known as Vitiligo causing white patches on the skin is a skin disorder disease with a different name as Anti vitiligo oil can be affected to any race, both sexes, any age whether they are old or young. People lives in country like USA, Australia and Canada known as the world’s leading nations can also suffer with the same Vitiligo skin disorder disease. Though they are very conscious for their health even then the problems of this vitiligo skin disorder disease remains very popular. Michael Jackson once known as one of the top most pop singer has had the same problem.

The fact behind Vitiligo is still unknown. However, vitiligo causes due to the dysfunctional of immune system. The important part of the function that maintains the color of the skin is carried out by the melanin pigments can be found in the epidermis layer of the skin. Melanocyte cell produces melanin pigments, if in case the abnormality in production if affected will make the skin turning into Pink and gradually the white patches will occur.

Those having regular diets, day to day exercise, sufficient in take of water and foods, relaxation and balance on works with an interest to improve and maintaining of your health will make the immune system a normal running condition and the body itself will protect from the virus, infections or any other diseases.

The life style also affects a person immune system. However, a person maintains with the balancing of every thing on his or her regular routine will find him more pleasant and enjoyable. The immune will work properly and the protection from virus and the attacks of cancerous cell, bacteria, etc will be destroyed by its own immune system.

The problem can only arise if the immune system become out of order and a person can be affected with any kind of disease. In this connection, we will only discuss about the skin disorder when the immune system becomes dysfunctional. The skin will start turning into pale, pink and gradually the white patches will start occurring on the skin. This has caused because of the depigmentation of the cells.

Therefore, Vitiligo causes because of the depigmentation of the cells as the dysfunctional of the melanocyte has been affected and the melanin cells are destroyed. These Vilitiligo cause is also affected by over exposure of sun or chemicals contacts on hands at work. Vitligo or Leucoderma is not harmful or contagious disease but it makes a person isolated from the modern society. There are about more than 40 to 50 million of the world’s population has been effected. However, vitiligo In USA is about 4 to 5 million people are still suffering from Vitiligo. Most of the Vilitigo patient can be found after the age of 40 whereas Vitiligo or Leucoderma can be seen in the children and women.

Vitiligo treatment is necessary and need to consult with the Dermatologist or any Medical Profession who will then provide a right diagnose to vitiligo cure before it spreads all over the body. Number of tests, checking of immune system, auto-immune system to see whether any of the hidden disease could be traced out as well as to see whether the glands are working properly mainly in the thyroid gland, etc. However, there are chances that the liver functioning test will also be conducted to rule out of any dysfunctional in the liver or not. Vitligo cure is based on the condition of the patient and the Vitiligo treatment differs from each other to have the right medicines or surgical treatment.

Our recommended product anti vitiligo oil will overcome the Vitiligo skin disorder disease problems having formulated under the control and supervision of expertise to produce pure herbal oil. The product is guaranteed with no side effects and made of pure natural herbal product and free from any chemicals. Anti vitiligo Oil can be used for any age and both sexes, fear free and will get the results after use of regular applications as advised by our team of skilled and experienced Doctors. It is advisable to consult with the Dermatologist before use of any product for Vitiligo cure.

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